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Welcome to the Adult Playground

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Who Are We?

Everything Vegas!

The creative executives behind Vegas Entertainment Network bring an impeccable skillset honed in the entertainment and business worlds of film, television, and online live events. Highlights include:

* 50 years experience in award-winning movies and television production

* Led by the famed executive director Charles Ison

* The heartbeat and inside track of Las Vegas and all it has to offer

* An impressive archive of creative content and entertainment material

* Star-studded team of talented producers, designers, directors, and visionaries

What We Do

We Capture Vegas and Create Content People Want

Vegas Entertainment Network addresses the unmet demand for the world's insatiable appetite for escapism. The V provides an entertaining platform for all-

access information, and concierge assistance to activities, shows, casinos, tourist attractions, churches, restaurants, conventions, super-speedway racing, nightclubs, shopping & City services.


When you can't run away to Las Vegas visit vicariously


How Do We Do It?

With Passion,
Expertise & Style!

Vegas Entertainment Network content offers daily original short-form features, red carpet events, casino and gaming, celebrity interviews and lifestyle, Vegas sporting events, behind-the-scenes stage shows, and promotions of tourist events and activities.

Our E-Commerce & micro-economic revenue streams capabilities will allow millions who were "Born to do Vegas" access to one-stop shopping.

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